The mission of the University of Florida Alumni Association is to support exclusively the University of Florida’s mission of teaching, research, and service as determined by the University of Florida Board of Trustees by fostering and enhancing the relationship between the University of Florida and its alumni, students, and friends.


“We, the members of the Class of 1906, the first graduates of the University of Florida, in order to keep alive a sentiment for affection of our Alma Mater, unite the graduates of successive years by a common tie of fellowship, foster the feeling of friendship and love toward each other, promote the welfare of the University and encourage education, do ordain and establish this constitution for our government.” This was the preamble of the Constitution of the University of Florida Alumni Association established in 1906.

In its early years, the Alumni Association was associated with the Athletic Department, and had its offices at various places on campus, including Thomas Hall, Anderson Hall and the Women’s Gym. In 1936, with the dedication of the Florida Union, (now the Arts & Sciences Building), the Alumni Association occupied an office there. After 1948, it was located in the University Auditorium. The Alumni Association office then moved to the J. Wayne Reitz Union and, in 1981, to its present location on University Avenue.

In 1992, a dues membership program was initiated. Members of the Alumni Association receive an annual subscription to UF Today magazine and many other benefits and discounts.

The Alumni Association is responsible for a network of nearly 100 Gator Clubs® in Florida, across the U.S. and internationally. These clubs are composed of alumni and friends who represent UF in their communities. They hold a wide variety of programs and events in support of the university. The Alumni Association is also actively involved with the recruitment of superior students to attend the University and with financial assistance programs in the form of scholarships sponsored by the Gator Clubs®. In addition, we host Outreach programs that bring faculty and administrators on the road to carry the University’s message to alumni and friends.

Reunion programs are organized and conducted by the Alumni Association and have been successful in bringing alumni back to Gainesville, with activities that are designed to involve returning graduates with campus life.

Specific groups have been organized to represent the needs of special interests on the campus, including the Association of Black Alumni and the Association of Hispanic Alumni. In addition, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) was developed to create networking opportunities between current students and alumni. With more than 11,500 members, this group offers career networking, social events and special programming. The Florida Cicerones, who are UF’s campus ambassadors, are also members of this group. These students, specially selected to represent the University, lead tours and host events across UF’s campus.

Today, alumni on record total nearly 350,000. We have alumni in every state and in more than 100 foreign countries


Total Members: 216
Life Members: 76
Joint Life Members: 21
Single Life Members: 55
Annual Members: 129
Joint Annual Members: 40
Single Annual Members: 89
Student Alumni Members: 11
*updated July 2104


The name of the organization is the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA BALTIMORE GATOR CLUB® (Club) and may be referred to as the CHARM CITY GATOR CLUB.

This Club is an affiliate of the University of Florida Alumni Association, Inc. (Alumni Association) and is to be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. In furtherance of these purposes, the Club shall advance and promote the general welfare and interests of the University of Florida as an educational institution; foster a spirit of loyalty, unity, and cooperation among the graduates, students (current and former), and friends of the University of Florida; and promote, foster, and develop the excellence and stature of the University of Florida.

All assets and income of the Club shall be used only for the purposes set forth above. No part of its assets or income shall be distributable to its members, directors, or officers. In the event of dissolution or other termination of the Club, title in and to all of its assets shall immediately vest in the Alumni Association or its successor, provided such distribution is consistent with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If the Alumni Association is unable or unwilling to accept the assets, then distribution of assets shall be made to the University of Florida Foundation, Inc. provided that such distribution is consistent with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Membership in the Club is open to alumni, current and former students, family of students and alumni, friends, and all other persons with an interest in the University of Florida. All club members must also be Alumni Association members. Each member agrees to be bound by the rules of the Club and the rules and bylaws of the Alumni Association. Dues will be as established by the Alumni Association.IV. CLUB STRUCTURE AND OPERATION
The Club shall be chartered and operated in accordance with guidelines and standards set by the Alumni Association from time to time. These guidelines and standards may include such things as levels of membership and Club activities. The Club shall adopt operating rules for the conduct of its affairs, to include provisions for the election of officers and directors.The names “University of Florida” and “Gator Club®” are trade names or trademarks and the sole property of the University of Florida or the Alumni Association. The logos attached to this Charter as Exhibit A are trademarks and the sole property of the University of Florida. The University and Alumni Association grant permission for the Club to use these trade names and trademarks for such time as the Club remains in good standing with the Alumni Association. If the Club or any of its officers, directors, or members violate this Charter or the rules or bylaws of the Alumni Association, the Alumni Association shall have the right to revoke this Charter and to prohibit the further use of these trade names or trademarks. In addition, the Alumni Association may remove any Club officer or director when, in its best judgment, the interests of the Club, the Alumni Association, or the In the conduct of its business, the Club will not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sex, marital status, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

The Club has a high level of responsibility to preserve the assets held by it for the benefit of the Club, the Alumni Association, and the University. The Club functions as a representative of the University in all of its activities and events. Club officers and directors have a duty to ensure prudent financial and risk management in the conduct of the Club’s affairs. Club activities must be conducted in accordance At least once each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), the Club shall send a copy of a recent bank statement for the Club’s bank account or accounts to the Alumni Association, together with a list of its In order to allow the Club the benefit of the Alumni Association’s 501(c)(3) tax exemption, theClub must file required financial information in a timely manner with the Alumni Association. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of penalties by IRS on the Club and revocation of the Club’s charter by the Alumni Association.

Approved by the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association in August 2013.